As we prepare to embark on new journeys and anticipate what lies ahead, we need to embrace what led us here and look back on the steps we have taken. 


Are there goals you have for the year ahead? Where have you been called to bloom? Perhaps you were meant to be noble, or you were meant to be brave. Do you feel the need to be renewed, or maybe simply happier? 


Take a breath, refocus and reflect upon the incredible adventures you've had. Celebrate the highs, accept the lows, and remember the journey doesn't end here.


We're about to launch our newest collection - Reflections!

Our frames are currently being made but we are excited to open up our first batch of pre-orders from now till 1st April 2022.

The estimated date of arrival if you place an order by

1st April 2022 is 1st July 2022.


Keep up to date with the production timeline on our Instagram :)


Our first pre-order has closed!

Thank you for all the pre-orders.

The next pre-order will be out soon.