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This item includes 1 sticker. Each sticker is 8x7cm. All available fonts and colours are as shown. Each sticker must be of the same font and colour.
Maximum of 30 characters.

Product will take approximately 3-5 working days to be produced. And another 3-5 days for delivery. For rush orders, an additional $1.00 charge applies. If necessary, last minute changes can be made within 24 hours before delivery. Delays in delivery may occur. 

Typo error due to buyer's negligence is not refundable. We are sorry to inform you that once we have processed the order, we are unable to make any changes.

For personal designs, please e-mail us the vector file that you wish to use and we will contact you on whether we are able to cut it. 

These stickers work best on smooth surfaces such as glass, plastic, paper, metal. If you need to stick them on other surfaces such as walls, wood or fabric, please let us know in advance as these require a different kind of material.

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Each sticker will come with the base, sticker, and transfer sticker attached. Before attaching the sticker, clean the surface you want to paste on. Press hard on the sticker to ensure the sticker is properly attached to the transfer. Carefully peel half of the base. Stick on the surface using a card or nail. carefully peel away the remaining half of the base and try to remove as many air bubbles using the card or your fingernail. When it is to your satisfaction, peel off the transfer sticker.

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