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You can take the wolf out of the pack, but you can’t take the pack out of the wolf.

It doesn’t matter if you have no clue what we just said, because technically Huskies aren’t wolves. They sure look like wolves though, and they’re definitely just as adorable, maybe even more so!

Huskies are loyal to the core. They protect their pack, and they are the perfect companion for anyone and everyone. You may recognize Siberian Huskies as the dogs who run with the sleds across the snow! That’s because these beautiful creatures were born to run, and they never ever get fatigued (unlike our copywriter, who sweats after climbing a flight of stairs).

If you’re looking to send a card to a loyal friend, then our Husky NoteCard is the perfect gift!




This Item comes with two NoteCards and one Envelope.

The size of this NoteCard is 9cm x 9cm. 

It is made with a 170Gsm woven paper. This paper holds ink well so you can use your favorite fountain pen and markers and not worry about bleeding through. 

This item does not wash well, so please do not put it in the washer.


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