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It only comes once a year, so make sure it's full of cheer!


Today is the day that someone special in your life was brought into this world, so be sure to tell them how thankful you are with a customised birthday card just for them!


Whether you're 6, 16 or 60, receiving a meaningful message from a loved one is timeless.

Happy Birthday


Each item comes with: 

1 x Twofold greeting card
1 x Envelope. 

The size of this Twofold is 10cm x 15cm. 

Twofold is made with two different types of paper - a 110Gsm woven paper and a metallic insert.

We find that Twofold is best paired with rOtring Tikky Graphic Fineliner Pen 1mm, but any other pen works as well. Please note that with other ballpoint or permanent markers, the ink may take longer to dry. 

This item does not wash well, so please do not put it in the washer.

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