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Sugary, sweet, and oh so addictive - yes, we can’t get enough of delicious donuts!


Fresh from the oven, you know you can’t resist these sweet treats no matter how hard you try. That’s how some of our friendships are too! Some people in our life are just way too sweet, but you know you can’t stay away from them because they make you feel special and warm inside!


What are you waiting for? Get yourself one of our Donut NoteCards and send a message to your BFF telling them how much you miss them, and then take them out for a much-needed donut treat! 



This Item comes with two NoteCards and one Envelope.

The size of this NoteCard is 9cm x 9cm. 

It is made with a 170Gsm woven paper. This paper holds ink well so you can use your favorite fountain pen and markers and not worry about bleeding through. 

This item does not wash well, so please do not put it in the washer.


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