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Happy Ho-Ho-Holidays! 


Thank you for celebrating the Christmas joy with River Bespoke. We’re glad to be able to add some sugar and spice into your life with our Christmas Munchies! 


This collection represents fun and warmth for the entire family. Not only are there enough treats for everyone to enjoy, but even the packaging is meant to help lift up the Christmas spirit! Colour and decorate the house while feasting on our cookies, and you can even hang it up on your Christmas tree once you’re finished! Forget about putting a tree in your home. Now you can put a home on your tree! 


Each cookie can last for about 2 weeks - we heard that’s how long it takes before they magically start running away. We find them best enjoyed with a glass of milk as cold and white as snow. 


River Bespoke wishes you a very merry Christmas!

Christmas Munchies - Town House


This house has 6 individually wrapped munchies living together. 

2x Jeannies

2x Jervys

2x Brandons

And they come with one of our Christmas cards. 



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