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Pretty Envelopes

River Bespoke

Hi, I’m Joanne, a local designer, and the owner of River Bespoke.

I specialize in papercut, which I enjoy customizing to my client’s needs.

I started this venture because of my love for crafts and people. My first product was born when I saw how much paper wastage a commercial printing shop produces. So I took some paper home and started ideating. I combined my love for crafts and people and created a means for individuals to connect through the lockdown. It reminds us that we don’t need grand gestures or lengthy words to communicate love and encouragement. Maybe all it takes is a scrap of paper and a well-meaning heart.

From there, I’ve expanded to other means of communication and gifts. We create quality designed gifts and crafts that are meaningful and memorable, making sure each and every one of our products is perfect for you. 

At River Bespoke, we believe in rekindling the importance of connection. We value the importance of family and love - and we strive to help others to do the same by being the friend for you and with you through every season so that you can be that friend to somebody else.  

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